Rare Old Antique

Brand > Antique

  • Antique, Rare Vintage, Old Masonic Silver Ring Us 10
  • Antique Sterling Silver 925 Salt Cellar Dish Stone Bowl Flowers Etched Rare Old
  • Old & Rare Dutch Embroidery Sampler From 1719, Linen & Silk, Crowned Monogramms
  • Antique Sterling Silver Quadrilobed Tray Openwork Handles Minerva Rare Old 19th
  • Antique Jewelry Box Lid Glass Engraved Bevelled Flower Motifs Ball Rare Old 19th
  • Antique Brooch Enamelled Silver Lot French Pins Lady Girl Rare Old 19th
  • Antique Coffee Maker Chocolate Tripod Silver Metal Handle Wood Rare Old 18th
  • Antique Gien Faiences Putti Motif Pair Of Earthenware Lamps Bronze Rare Old 19th
  • Rare One Of A Kind Antique Victorian Old Mine Diamond 14k Cross Pendant
  • Antique Pocket Watch Mechanical Silver 925 Key England J. F Rare Old 1889
  • Antique Clock Desk Watch Bronze Art Lady Mechanical Brass Marble Rare Old 20th
  • Antique Procession Cloak Embroidered Thread Brocade Liturgical Cape Rare Old18th
  • Antique Bronze Mortar Angel Heads Bowl Brown Engraved Decor Pestle Rare Old 17th
  • Antique Silver Plated Metal Jug Wooden Handle Lid Rare Old Napoleon 3rd 18th
  • Antique Green Glass Bronze Art Nouveau Vase Frame Golden Handle Rare Old 19th