Rare Old Antique


  • Antique Tissot Pocket Watch Silver 800 Locle Mechanical Open Face Rare Old 20th
  • Antique Pocket Watch Mechanical Silver 925 Key England J. F Rare Old 1889
  • Antique Clock Desk Watch Bronze Art Lady Mechanical Brass Marble Rare Old 20th
  • Antique Pocket Watch Gruen Mechanical Pentagon Angle Swiss Gild Rare Old 20th
  • Restoration Of A Rare Vintage Ww2 Military Watch Nickel And Chrome Plating Sanford As1123
  • Antique Swiss Pocket Watch Omega 24 Silver 800 Mechanical 3 Open Rare Old 20th
  • Rare Old Original Antique Imperial Russian Watch Pavel Bure With Defect
  • Antique Pocket Watch Longines 24 Mechanical Swiss Anchor Nickel Rare Old 19th
  • Antique H. Moser Pocket Watch Mechanical Swiss Full Hunter Case Rare Old 20th